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coupons and the terms used

with all on the rise in our everyday lives how do we keep those shopping bills down?

We use coupons and shop strategically every week to save as much as possible. The starters guide to couponing will help with the basics of getting the coupons. Here today we are going to talk about all the strange lingo people use when couponing.

Here in the UK it is a bit more complicated cos the deals are not as amazing as America. We can still take advantage and get as many of the great deals as we can.

extreme couponing
saving money in the supermarket is all about out smarting them.


Per transaction is the means when you go shopping for every-time you buy items on that trip and get a total that is a transaction. You can do multiple ones of these in one shopping trip in order to get maximum deals. For example a coupon states you can use 1 per transaction that means you can use one coupon per shopping total. Yet if you are extreme and print multiple you can have multiple totals and then use one coupon per transaction but make sure you have the right item in the transaction.



As you can guess this means per item bought. There are no set limits of how many coupons for this item can be used within the transaction. For example you buy 3 shampoos and have 1 coupon well that coupon will discount you for 1 of those shampoos. Yet if had 3 coupons and 3 shampoos that a discount on all them as individual items.



I have rarely seen this on coupons here in the UK but have once or twice. It is basically per person paying for the items. For example say you have 2 shampoos and 2 coupons that say per customer you need 2 people to pay for each those shampoos.  Means in order to be able to purchase both those shampoos you need to have a coupon and item per person paying.


Photos on coupons:

Don’t worry about them too much as it is just used to highlight what range you need to buy. Be aware of the writing this will tell you if it is item specific or is brand wide. You want to read it so you know you are getting the right thing not just a product from a range if it is item specific.


redeem at:

This is important as many coupons can only be redeemed (used) at certain supermarkets. For example if there coupon and show image of a supermarket logo that is the place you must go to. It be a huge embarrassment if you go to Tesco with your coupon and then find out it is at morrisons only. make sure to read the writing on the coupons.



Be aware of this as every coupon has an expiry date. It is usually within a month of printed ones. Manufacturers coupons are usually dated quite long but be aware of the dates.

The expiry date is for manufacturers testing. They add them so they can see what offers worked and which didn’t based upon how we use them. It then allows manufacturers see if that coupon/offer is worth offering again.



Well this is the best bit as store coupons are the ones the supermarkets give you like Tesco clubcard offers. Yet manufacturers are the ones that the brands put out online or via post. These can sometimes be used together on one item to get an item even cheaper but make sure you can stack them.

extreme couponing
make sure you read the coupon terms and also what to buy and where.

So there we are the coupon terms and all the lingo used by couponers and brands alike. How excited are you now?

let me know will you be using coupons on your next shop? drop me a comment below now!

loved this article here is the ultimate starters guide to couponing you will love this too. Also on Sunday there is some tips on the best times to go shopping and why.




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