chapstick protect and moisture? – review

The days are hot humid and if like myself and many other families you will all be out enjoying the sun. Yet the sun and fun can lead to chapped dried out lips. Here is where there maybe a good rescue product.

disclosure: I was given these 3 products for free in exchange for my honest and open review. No money was exchanged and no affiliate links are used in this post.

I was asked by free4you and chapstick to try out 3 different flavours strawberry, cherry and apple. All I had to do is try them for a few days and then say my opinion to go back to the company.

Well as you know I am not someone to try something and then just put a review up that may hardly get seen. I want to share it all here too and then I can go into the pros and cons deeper. so lets jump in with each flavour individually.


apple how does it fair up?

Well we talk about the apple one first. It reminded me of the apple sugar rings you get in lidl, very apple smelling and very tempting to use first. The bright green packaging would mean it makes it stand out against most lip balms on a shelf. I found it easy to apply and not leave that vasaline type greasy feel after. This was certainly my sons and my favourite out them all (think it was because it was sweet smelling).

Strawberry did this fair up well too?

well this is the one that I thought would be nicest due to it being a common flavour. Yet was let down a bit by the fact after using it was bit greasy feeling especially in the heat of this weather. The flavouring smell was authentic and had a slight strawberry hint not too strong but in a way bit weak. On the plus side this too offered a lovely scent and long moisture affect. This is therefore meaning even though it had a greasy feel after in the heat you weren’t getting chapped lips. surely that a great thing at the moment right?

chapstick how they rank
out the 3 this is the greasiest I felt.

lastly cherry how did that do?

Cherry was not my favourite at all. OK the scent was exactly cherry and it offered the protection needed to stop dried out lips. It didn’t leave the greasy feel as much as the strawberry but did leave a bit. Also the cherry scent didn’t really make me think yeah I love the smell of that unfortunately.

rounding it all up:

I tried the cherry, strawberry and the apple for a week but there just has to be one winner to me. That is the apple it offered a non greasy and long lasting moisturised feel. Topped off with an appealing and amazing scent. Click To Tweet

It just was a huge hit for my son and I and now it is who will use it most. I love trying out things and feel now I have found a lip balm to offer a protection for me but mainly my sons drying out lips.

cherry chapstick
out the 3 this is not one we liked at all.

what is your favourite lip balm flavour?

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