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celebrating women’s day – #pressforprogress

As tomorrow is international women’s day I wanted to share with you some of my most inspirational women in my life. Along with some inspirational women to society itself.

With this years theme #pressforprogress  international women’s day will be celebrated globally on March 8th 2018. Women will make a stand and raise awareness for women equality in society.

Well who are my most inspirational women in my life other then my family?

Well I never really sat down and thanked some very special women in my life. These women also don’t even realise how special and inspirational they are to me.  So let dive in and I tell you all about them.

They just have to be:

Aby Moore – From you baby me mummy. Why is she such an inspiration to me?

Well a few years ago I took to blogging and left the blogging scene due to personal reasons but soon came back last year. I just couldn’t stop thinking of how far this amazing women had come. This prompted me back to the one thing I loved doing sharing amazing knowledge and reviews to a wider audience. Now this women is my mentor and has helped me with her membership group to grow my business and life at a fast rate. One I would never have done if I didn’t meet her all those years ago.

Michelle Howlett – From M Howlett coaching

Has to be my second most inspirational women. Why? Because over the past year I have known her she has made me learn so much. Following her on a journey from lacking in confidence to helping others regain theirs.  I have seen her grow yet in a way she has opened my eyes and made me see I am me and I can achieve anything. I have grown in confidence, seen my life go from dwelling on past experiences to focusing on my future.

Lastly is a women I don’t speak to everyday but has helped me through a very tough time in my life.

Holly – from Extreme couponing UK

Not so long ago I was very ill and had to give up work and had to learn about budgeting very fast. Yet I had no idea how my life would be or how to get the best deals. Till my sister introduced me to the world of Extreme Couponing, now I am addicted. She did so many Vlogs, helped with coupons and started a group. 3 years after following her not quite stalking but following she has changed my life. I think without her I would never learnt how exciting bargain shopping can be. Living frugal is not all about being a scrooge but about being savvy with your money.


So that is my top 3 inspirational women on and offline. Yet who inspired everyday women in society?

My first inspirational icon is Princess Diana.

From her desire to help others through to her campaigns to change lives. She has stood tall and will never been forgotten. Now her amazing sons are keeping her legacy forever strong.

inspirational women
only do what your heart tells you to do

Another yet very inspirational women to society has to be Margaret Thatcher.

She was a women of determination, strong minded and ready to take on anything. Margaret Thatcher aka the iron lady as many called her was a women that was loved and hated equally in politics. Yet I see her as a women of strength and willingness to take on anything even if the haters will hate.

inspirational women
plan your work for today then work your plan

The last yet most inspirational women I think we have had in society is The Queen herself.

A monarch we have never really took too much notice of. Yet there she is everyday making sure society is in order and we get what we all deserve. A women who takes the tough times and the good times as they come and deals with them in ways that need to be done.

Inspirational women
The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.

So how has this post helped me now?

This post has been such an eye opener for me looking at how things have changed for me over the years. How society and lifestyles are being tested everyday. Yet here we all are standing strong and fighting for equality and a better life.

Who is your most inspirational women and why?


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