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cannabis oil- a real review

Cannabis oil or CBD oil has really been hitting the headlines lately. It has had negative and positive feedback given about it. Yet as a sceptic I wanted to give you my honest opinion on hemp relax’s cbd oil .

CBD oil is a food supplemet and not a prescribed medication. It will not cure or prevent any disease or illness.

As many you know I won’t shy away from trying something and having a opinion. This is no exception. I suffer ever month with migraines and bad sleep. To top it off being minor spina bifida I can suffer with chronic back ache. To a point just picking my son up for cuddle can leave me crippled on sofa for rest the evening. So lets see how this really effects me personally.

who is hemp relax?

Hemp relax aim is for people to discover the benefits of cannabis oil by developing and delivering to you the purest quality oils.
When shopping with Hemp Relax they promise you

  • The best quality, sustainable sourced ingredients
  • The latest, innovative cannabidiol solutions
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Hassle-free ordering with customer support by chat line, email or telephone

My personal dealings was with an amazing super friendly and passionate sounding guy. The company thrive to help you understand that cannabis oil is not a product that will cure anything but it is sold as a food supplement. This means before too many ask it is legal to sell in USA and EUROPE.

what is cbd oil?

Cbd oil is also known as cannabidiol, hemp oil, CBD drops or CBD hemp oil.

Cbd oil is a product that is crafted from high cbd and low THC hemp. This means that the product unlike medicinal cannabis which has the THC in high levels will not cause psychoactive episodes and are fully legal. With that said it is not totally THC free as it is hard to make that happen as it is naturally in small amounts in hemp anyway.

Yet it is said to help with many health disorders. I still want to highlight again CBD oil will not cure or prevent any illness or disease but can be used as a food supplement.

how do you take CBD oil?

It is simple and can be used in many ways such as:

  • adding to shampoo, body-wash, moisturisers or even everyday lotions.
  • 1 part CBD oil, 4 part coconut oil and 2 part water and combine. Stick this in a pan and boil on low heat until bubbling to extract the most you can. After this take off the heat and allow to harden back into coconut oil and use the CBD infused coconut oil in any of your cooking/baked goods!
  • vaping using an e-cig or other vaping product.
  • lastly is dropping 3 dropsunder tongue and allowing to sit for 1 minute before swallowing.

what do I think after a week of using?

Well I am surprised my headaches have not been seen at all for a week usually get a niggling one every week. Also my back pain is not so bad. But the best bit is I be honest the fact it has allowed an outbreak of headlice to be stopped in their tracks and killed all eggs in 24 hours. Yes this was great as unfortunately my son nursery get a lot of head lice problems.

I think this product is great and have really changed my mind on the effects it can have on people. Ok initially we weren’t planning on an out break of headlice to use it for but that has been amazing plus. I am able to work longer at my laptop getting more of my life back. Yet it has only been 1 week.


disclosure: I got this product for free in exchange for a few pics on Instagram and a video on U-Tube but wanted to share it all here too in depth.

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