can one glass of wine really be harmful?

From early death to curing dementia we are told all sorts of things everyday. One day it great for us the next it is bad but what is the real effects of drinking a glass of wine everyday?

So as with everything there are pros and cons but that normal. I see posts that highlight the one side and thought let get a post with both sides.

drinking is it that bad?
is drinking really that bad? see my pros and cons below

Lets start with the pros of drinking one glass a day:

Scientists have found that just a few glasses a week can actually help women stop getting high blood pressure. It also helps the over 55’s from getting blocked leg arteries. Have to say this must be a good thing for longer living right?

As a mum I think this is true as I have never suffered high blood pressure yet my mum has it. I also suffer at only 30 with early signs of deep vein thrombosis. I am unsure if it is the healthy lifestyle I try living best I can or the glass of wine a night that keeps it at bay. It could even be the combination of the two. who knows.

Also rumours have it a glass of wine can actually help with the following:

  • killing bacteria when had with a meal. Therefore preventing food poisoning. Something I have just learnt.
  • when research was done on over 50’s having 2x glasses a wine a day they scored higher then non drinkers in tests. Wow glass wine before my driving test then (only joking really I am joking haha)
  • slows eye degeneration when you have a glass of wine – not beer or spirits but just wine.

So there is a few pros of drinking a glass of wine a day. We can’t leave it there though or I be told I not highlighting the bad of it too. Unfortunately there are a few bad things about drinking a glass of wine a day.

the good and bad of drinking
there is good and bad in having a glass of wine a day

Here are the cons of drinking wine:

Yes there are few of these too and here I will highlight a few major ones. From infertility to depression everything bad is pretty much covered here.

So what are the main bad points of drinking a glass of wine a day?

  • weight gain is a huge factor and I personally will have to agree on this. the amount of calories in a glass of wine is equivalent to having an ice-cream. Yes that some calories I agree.
  • depression is another thing that can actually be caused by drinking. I have to say over the years it may have been a prime contributor to my social anxiety. Thankfully that is getting under control now.
  • heavy drinking can actually raise the cancer cell growth rather then preventing it.

so concluding it to be:

I am not going to say there is no wrong or right theory to drinking everyone is different. There is one thing though drinking a moderate amount can be good but that glass too many could change the balance. If you are concerned about how much you or someone else maybe drinking pop over and see check out this at drinkaware.

Here they have loads of tracking tools and resources about drinking and like the title says be aware of your drinking. There will always be press trying to scare us and also press trying to impress us but think about the true amount you drink every week.

Yet a glass a day can not be harmful I am sure but a bottle a day that maybe a whole new matter.

depression worse
on the bad side it can make depression worse

How do you think drinking is perceived as a good thing or all bad?

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