can a fatty acid really help you lose weight?

Cla is a fatty acid that may actually help burn that fat away and help you lose weight.

What is CLA?

Well first off CLA is conjugated linoleic acid and is a great supplement for gym users and also people looking to burn fat. When starting out CLA 1000mg is great you will soon learn if is for you or not. If wanting for weight loss and have been taking this for minimum period of 3 months (my personal recommendation as a sports and weight loss nutritionist) you can up to the 3000mg which is a stronger dose.

CLA is a natural product and helps burn fat and rid body of excess water whilst maintaining the muscle mass. Click To Tweet

It is extremely important to take these with food and drink plenty (2 litres) of water a day to keep you from dehydrating or burning out too fast.

As it is a natural fat burner it will mean you are burning fat when taking these. Yet the amount you lose or burn on any given day can vary person on person. They work by raising the bodies metabolism rate meaning you are in fat burning mode (ketosis) longer then what our bodies naturally produce.

How can this help me in losing weight?

Well by taking just 1-3 a day you can get the body knowing it should be burning fat rather then muscle. Please don’t think just cos your body is burning more fat you can eat more. This is totally not the case. Like with any weight loss regime it is mainly all about the diet and drinking plenty of water. Along with exercise supplements can help by speeding up the process but it is not a quick fix.

CLA supplement review
CLA can help with weight loss and exercise see how

CLA and exercise:

Well I do occasionally take CLA for the energy boost to get me through a better workout. I do so especially if have been unable to go for a while. As I am currently trying to get my fitness levels back up and have been able to get less days with harder performing workouts in because of this.

 I like where can I get it?

Well 2 places you can get using this amazon link (this is an affiliate link) or via vitaloid themselves

You will get 90 softcell capsules that is 1 month supply if taking 3 a day longer if less. I will say one thing use this article as reference as unsure if all packages are labelled in non English like mine.

recap how to take:

I will recap the importance of eating these with a meal. This to prevent any unwanted side affects that can occur like taking any supplement. Also make sure you have consulted a medical profession before taking any supplements. Or even changing your diet in any way so you are safe. 

you can take 1-3 a day and I suggest to wean self in like stated below:

days 1-3 1 a day

on days 4-7 2 a day

days 7 onwards 3 a day

these are my personal guidelines and are not mandatory.

DISCLOSURE: All opinions are based upon my personal experiences and everyone is different. I am not a medical professional and it is best to consult a GP or pharmacist should you have any medical conditions or taking any other supplements. 

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