brand or rep?- body mist review

Are non high street brands as good as any other brand you can buy in a physical shop?

Well lets put a high street brand (SO…? KISS) against a non high street brand (FM Triumph body mist) and see the outcome on many levels.


So what do I expect to see between the two products and what truly is the outcome?

I expect that in terms of fragrance strength the high street will triumph. Yet in terms of value for money I really believe the non high street brand will win here. So am I giving them a fair test?

Well seen I have 2 sides to my body one side will have the high street brand and other will be the Rep bought product spray on me. Then all day I will leave them there and share my findings later on in the post and the day.

So my sprays have experienced the atmosphere and the elements of the nasty snow we have just had on way to my local shop and back. So how has it rated in terms of strength of the fragrance? lasting scent through the day? and value for money?


Ok well the high street brand is strong and very sweet-scented and I actually like it because it is sweet. The ability to spray it is easy and the packaging is very simply designed. It is not overly made to look designer or special in any way. I was surprised to find that the scent soon disappeared. It actually only lasted for an hour before scent was gone. This is something I didn’t expect in a branded product. So lastly what was my thoughts on value for money? Well Ok it wasn’t an expensive product just £3 in wilkos but for 100ml and fact it don’t last too long I didn’t feel it offered much in terms of value.

So how did the rep brought product shape up?

Not too much different but it did surprise in some areas. The packaging is of designer look and easy to spray just like the high street product. The scent here is the surprise to me. It lasted so much longer in fact it lasted 90% of the day unlike the high street bought product which only lasted an hour. In terms of value for money yes it is worth it. I am not a huge fan of the orchid scent but it has been a huge seller. At £8.99 I feel the fact the scent lasts as long as does meaning the bottle will last longer offers it great value for money.


My overall thoughts are high street brands vary but also rep bought items off social media are just as good if not better. It all comes down to are you looking for the brand name as a statement thing or are you after value for money?


Which do you go for brand or value for money?

what surprised you most about the difference in high street and rep bought products?


wilkos so…? body mist

This is done with 2 products and other products may vary in performance.


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