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how to boost your confidence today in 5 steps

Your sat down on the sofa watching TV with or without your partner kids are in bed yet you feel miserable. You have little confidence in yourself.  Even though when you look around you know you have got a good life. You have food in your belly daily, a roof over your head and the kids are happy yet you are not.

Low self-esteem actually is more common than you think. We all will experience low self-esteem and the causes range from issues with weight right through to childhood experiences still playing in everyday life.

How can you change things and start making a better healthier life for yourself? Below you will find ways of boosting your confidence starting right now. When you sit, think and implement these 5 simple steps you will start being able to make a plan for a better life.

confidence boost

So here goes then my 5 simple steps for a more confident you starting right now.

  • Write a list of everything you love about yourself on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday. That could be on the fridge, by bathroom mirror or on a door you use a lot and make sure to read it everyday.
  • Learn to block out the negative naysayers in your life. You do not need them, you need positive loving people around you. Let people say their piece but say that ok that your opinion.
  • start talking positive all the time. Nothing kills your self-esteem more than having and talking negative all the time.
  • Thank people who praise you. Take the praise and remember they have just said something really good to you. It could be that you got a nice hair do, lost weight, looking so happy anything it is all good and something positive.
  • Lastly be in control. We have one life and one opportunity to live it our way so why not do it? Go make plans and live life to the max. You deserve it.

confidence boost

This is just a few simple ways you can start building that confidence back up again. You deserve to be happy and I know everyone in this world can be. Sometimes we just have to look around us and see what is great about the life we already have got.


confidence boost

What other tips would you give to someone who has little confidence? drop me a comment below lets all help one another boost that confidence.

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