storybook review

a book to help children with life experiences

I would like to welcome Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack here to me my blog and you. These 2 beautiful children are in my latest story book review aimed at young children.

The product used here was gifted to me for free in exchange for my honest open review. There is no payment or affiliate links used.

storybook review
lets welcome 2 children that want to help your children feel more at ease

Everyday young children encounter so many daunting and big life changing experiences. Yet how they cope with the situation is usually down to how us adults explain what will happen. It could be their first day at nursery, school or even first day at a club.

so what is the book about?

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack are 2 beautiful children about to go join gymnastics for the first time. Yet they are so scared everything looks big, empty and scary to the small children. They are feeling overwhelmed and frightened but what happens in the story is what makes it all better.

As you read through the book emotions are highlighted and shared openly throughout. This helps children to understand what they may feel in various situations they will encounter in life. It also helps them understand that it is normal to feel all these strange feelings.

I know from experience that sitting down with my son and talking about feelings and what will happen when he started nursery helped immensely. I watched as many children struggled to settle yet the ones that the parents reassured soon settled in. As a parent I feel the importance of reading stories that can prepare children for various situations helps so much.

Most kids can easily relate to a story of other children without realising it.




book review
not everything is as scary as it looks and jumping jack and bendy wendy will share their experience

what I love about this book:

What I am in love with about this book and made it really stand out is the fact it has no stereo-typing like most kids books. There is a coloured child, a disabled child, girls and boys nothing and no one is really left out from the all round gymnastics class.

My son and I read this several times over and will be sharing it at his nursery for his show and tell. This book is part of an amazing head over heels gymnastics series. Yet this book can be about any event in which a child is scared of or overwhelmed by. Inspired by real life experiences and one children and adults can relate to alike.

This book is a fab read for any child and parent together.


Wondering where you can get yours well look no further pop over to their shop here





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