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I have been asked this question over and over again and so felt now will a great time to tell you how I do it. How I became a blog reviewer and how you can too. This is not a get rich quick scheme yes some bloggers can make a good income from blogging but it not solely doing one thing as I will tell you below.


So lets start with the basics why do companies give away products to bloggers for free?

Before we begin with the basics of blogging and getting products we need to understand why companies give products away for free. It is exposure that it. Usually it free or lower costing then them to advertise themselves.

Bloggers are influencers. Everyone who sees a post on social media or blog is potentially a customer in the buying decision. This makes our posts very important to brands to gain them sales. The better they are more opportunities you will get with that company potentially in near future.

social media

choice 1:

There are several ways to start getting products to review. Firstly you need to know what your followers like on social media and what brands you like to work with. I be honest with reviewing it does come down to social media following numbers. The more followers and information you know about your social media friends/followers the better. So you made a blog and want to start reviewing how do you start? Firstly I suggest dig out a few things you have in your home that are in your niche. Write a post on your blog and say what you think of it. This is a great way to gain exposure to your blog and through things you already have.

choice 2:

There are other ways and another way is to pitch companies PR agencies. Most companies will have a PR firm that will handle all their blogging outreach and press releases. When I first approached a brand i was terrified what reply I get. There was no need what the worse that can be said they say no ok it not no forever it just no for now. Many brands may not see you as a good blog at first but may be willing to keep you informed of upcoming assignments available (this can be in form of a discount to your readers or free product in exchange for a review).

Please I will tell you one thing don’t look desperate and contact these PR firms begging for free products to review. Just email them let them be aware of you, your blog and what you are good fit to do a review on their products and just ask to be added to their media list for future assignments. This will allow you to be opening up yourself to future talks. Most PR emails can be found on the companies website near bottom under press or if not google it to find it.

choice 3:

This is my favourite way to grow my blog and brand awareness to bigger brands. Get as many freebies as possible online or in local shops that you shop at. Make sure to stock up for when times may go quiet in the year. Use these to post reviews or awareness posts on your blog.


choice 4:

Join one of the many blog sites where you are able to connect to brands based upon on the criteria brands are looking for. This is where you can make short and long-term relationships with brands. This is where I began. It is a simple step by step setup and just make sure to check in minimum 2x a week so never to miss an opportunity. I have listed my top 3 below. 2 need a blog 1 having a blog is the advantage.

bzzagent- no blog needed but is advantage

bloggers required – blog needed

the blogger programme – social media+blog based


All are free to join and products are supplied if you match criteria. Make sure you are only applying for products you are willing to try, share and are a fit to your niche.


So that is just 4 ways you can start being a product reviewer today and blogging about it. Below are some tips to make sure you are to never miss an opportunity again too.

  1. check emails at least 1x but preferably 2x a day to make sure not to miss brands inboxing you about opportunites. More then 48 hrs and brands will potentially discard your acceptance that why it is so important to keep in the loop.
  2. make sure to check opportunity sites 2x a week so not to miss out on many opportunities that will be short closing dates to pitch to them.
  3. keep your social media up to date and engage with your readers through a group/page so they know you are thinking of them and allows you to keep a tab on amount of friends/followers on all social media networks.
  4. reply to comments and make people on your social media and blog feel appreciated and show you acknowledge their time to  comment/like/follow etc.


I love to hear what value you got from this post and how it has helped you in the comments below.

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