Being an influencer is not all fabulous!

I would call myself an influencer and you clicked this no doubt because either you think how can it be so bad or even I want to see what you mean by it all?

Here is my side as an influencer but also a perspective of others who may not be an influencer too. I am not here to say he or she is bad person or brand. Yet to give you an insight to how being an influencer really is.

I will disclose now many people will find this a brutal yet open post. I thought I better say as I am a person with a strong passion to show every side of being an influencer.

about me
hi I am claire and I would call myself an influencer but here the truth

why do people become influencers and what are they?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary an influencer is: someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media: Click To Tweet

Many people unfortunately a bad thing in my eyes become influencers to get loads free stuff. Yes many of you will disagree it is bad. I feel it is great being an influencer and getting free stuff but my main drive is to help brands who help me. Why should people be paid crazy money when they have little interest in the brand just to gain themselves a few quid and a few free products?

come on then what’s so bad about free stuff and being an influencer?

Well I am telling you there is bad sides. It not all glam and freebies.

it not all glam with lots of money and freebies it can take months or even years of unpaid hard work first

My first thing is people who buy followers and likes to get more money and free stuff.

I can’t stand people who buy their followers etc on social media. Why do they do this? It just makes my blood boil because for us influencers that want to make a honest living from a passion we have and to help brands gain exposure and awareness makes it harder to get trust. Many brands stayed away for years from us little influencers with small amount of followers. Yet we probably have a higher engagement level as we can connect better to our audience.

Secondly is brands thinking we will do it for a free item.

Ok it is great way to gain free products and build your blog as a newbie starting out. Yet how will that pay your bills?

yes I get brands on a weekly basis that say will you do this, this and this we will send you a free product. I am always replying now Yes or no depending if the product is a fit to myself and my readers. I will also tell them the time it takes me to do said product test or campaign usually 1 week minimum but up to 6 weeks at a time, along with a price.

You guessed it 9 times out of 10 they reply ohhh we not got any budget for it or we only have a small budget such as £££. Well I am strong and will very rarely budge on my prices as that is how long it takes and what I got to do. Happily don’t get me wrong I will  negotiate a better price if need be and is worth my time and efforts.

brand vs influencer
we have no or very small budget will you do this, this and this for ££

the good points there must be tons them right?

Yeah there are many but genuinely I only have a few myself. These are the main things that make me love being an influencer. It is not to fund my dream life or get me loads free stuff.

It is the passion to be helping brands launch new things that normally I and my followers wouldn’t normally see. Be that till it either hit a shop or launched online. For example I am lucky enough to have a strong connection with the fitness products that Superdrug launch. I get to try many early months before release and share them online. Also I love helping small brands gain their exposure through reviews and posts mentioning them.

Another thing I love about being an influencer:

is the fact I have made some amazing friends. Many with people in PR agencies and brands PR teams as well as bloggers like myself. I think this helps in the world of influencer marketing as it nice to speak to people who you can just talk to about anything. You don’t feel jealous of those that are getting paid more or even get all the amazing collaborations you just yearn for. You feel inspired by them.

I will say I have taken many months and years in many cases to gain this friendship. I also do not go about it to gain extra or the best collaborations because what the point. There are many bloggers and influencers out there that maybe a better match then me and I get that.

thinking back
it can take months or even years to get your first paid or even general collaboration with a brand

to conclude then:

I will just sum up basically what I feel. I am an influencer and I love it. Yet please just cos I am an influencer don’t think I am trying to make you buy stuff, force an opinion upon you or anything but sharing my views on a personal level to you.

Next time someone says they are influencer don’t take it at face value cos some people don’t realise how hard it can be. A day can mean tight deadlines, weeks of emailing to get a final decision, hours of photo taking, editing and writing to get the post just right. All this is just the beginning. Oh don’t forget should they or you be a single mum like myself it is even harder to juggle kids (especially babies and toddlers) with all the work.

my final thing is:

It can take years to even get your first paid collaboration with a brand. A lot of no’s and brands not even replying too. So it not all fab when you are an influencer but it sure does make it all worth it in the end.

After reading this how does it make you feel now when you see all those people blogging away and sharing their lives with you? 

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P.S I be honest I am not a great photographer and do use stock images from adobe or pixabay but do alter to make it more for my blog posts. Odd occasion I will take a photo and it look like a fit for a post so will use. But I thought I say cos this is a post on honesty and good and bad of being an influencer.

P.P.S I do use disclosures and if do use affiliate links I will say if item was gifted or I was paid because I think too many influencers are scared to say there is affiliate links or they are paid to write something. Just in case their readers don’t like it. Sorry but honesty is the best policy right?



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