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be safe this world cup!

The world cup 2018 is in full swing and I am sure many will be out celebrating it too. Yet this topic will be one that is packed full of open and factual content that may shock many.

Disclosure: I was gifted this item in order to raise awareness of safe sex during the world cup.

we are seeing it on Tv a lot who is the dad? Why is this? why are people not thinking about what unsafe sex can do for them?

Alcohol and that is one main cause of many nights of unsafe passion making. I am sure many have done it had one too many and did something stupid yet regretted it in the morning.

Studies have shown the more we drink the more likely we are to have unprotected sex with someone. This is so scary the thought of being more enticed to be risky the more we drink.

how has this got anything to do with the world cup?

Well men and women will be celebrating every match be that at home with friends and family or out in the pub. Yet wherever it is alcohol is most likely to be involved. I am not saying everyone will be drinking but a large majority will. This is why one condoms has designed a fab tin that is handy sized and keeps you safe.

world cup safe
whoever you score with this summer make sure you stay safe

so what can you do this world cup to stay safe?

Well there is a lot you can do but doing it all when you are sober is a great way to make sure you are prepared. I am sure you hate to wake the next morning after a drunken night to be worrying about pregnancy or even if you have caught anything. Here are a few ways you can be prepared before you go out. You must remember alcohol can impair your thoughts.

  • have condoms on you at all times. Least then you are more likely to use them. You are more aware of them being on you so will use them. Unlike if you don’t have them you are not going to risk this passionate moment and end up going off to try find some.
  • get tested. yes ok you had that one night stand probably won’t see that guy again (eeeek #regretednight). So to keep yourself safe get tested. It ok many sexual health clinics you walk in get tested and get results that day. No fretting what if then. Also best to be sure then pass on to someone else right?
  • talk to friends about it all and promote safe sex as something fun rather then a dreaded word. Too many teens especially just see it as a dirty topic it not it can be real and fun.
safe sex
stay safe this world cup

Get clued up:

The world cup is on England are doing really well and now all you need to do is be safe too. Be aware of the potential health risks from unprotected sex and stay safe. Click To Tweet Get your trendy #onecondoms and prevent any unwanted surprises whilst out having fun.


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