vegan backlash

The anti-vegan backlash is here

As you may all have seen I sure that February has been a big time in expressing about veganism. With social media filling daily with the #plantbased diet that shows off everything vegan based. Looking at it you would have believed the world had gone mad. You would have believed we had all given up anything dairy.

The trend has not come about because it is trendy so everyone is following, it is because of how things have changed. Now animal cruelty and animal testing is not glossed over. People want to know that the food they eating or the products they are using is from a caring loving place. That the animals have had a good happy life.

so what is the backlash or not so backlash?

Well dairy farmers are on the hit back with their own take on it all. They are taking to social media sharing their products for all to see. They are using the unimaginative hashtag #februdairy and this is the first time they have said enough is enough we are not all bad.

Many felt the only way they could show people not all farmers are cruel to animals is take this social media stand. This hashtag is starting to get some notice just as farmers wanted. With people sharing benefits of alpro milk.

Yet as many believe the campaign was in backlash to the vegan promotions but you are so wrong. It was to help showcase dairy farmers in the UK and the products they are offering us.

vegan backlash
dairy farmers are out to showcase their lifestyles and their products.

How is it been showcased and where?

Many have taken to social media especially twitter where it is most popular. Everyday there is 100’s farmers sharing everything from fun facts to an insight to their daily lives.


my personal thoughts:

Ok this is where I get personal. I have been bought up on a farm at a very young age and also seen every aspect of farming life. Personally I am in support of both the vegans as that is their choice but also the dairy farmers for the products they offer.

I know from experience of working in a big cheese factory and having to negotiate with farmers on prices of milk they provide. They are not getting paid mega bucks per pint yet the supermarkets are cashing in on this everyday.

I say why not help farmers by getting the best freshest and most amazing products from them direct. You may pay a bit more than the supermarket but the quality and fact you are helping them make a living. Also many are carrying on family traditions so why not let it be carried on?

This is not all farmers are doing:

Really they trying more tactics?

Yes they want you to take to social media and have a pint milk a day and nominate someone else to do the same. #milkpintchallenge yes yet another unimaginative name but farmers want us to try their stuff. They want to eradicate the misinformation about the dairy industry by celebrating it all in a fun way.

vegan backlash
the #milkpintchallenge is on tag a friend who should also drink 1 pint a day

But guess what the vegans have taken the backlash and used guilt tripping posts to try get people to stay away from the dairy products.

What we all do is our choices but don’t let people sway what you want to do. DON’T feel you have to follow a trend either as they generally soon fade away into the background.


What are your thoughts on this vegan and dairy farmer war as to say?

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