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7 jump starting ways to enjoy spring

The sun is shining temporarily and the flowers are starting to spring into action. Yet as winter is the time we are all being lazy and snuggling up in warm indoors, how do you get that spring step back?

It is  not as hard as you think. Naturally the spring sunshine lifts our mood and makes us happier. This in turn makes us feel bit more motivated to do things. Yet sometimes after a long season nothing beats a few things to just push us.

enjoying spring sun
my son and I love the outdoors so getting out in the garden can be so nice after a long winter

Here are my top 7 ways I get my spring step back after a long sluggish winter: Click To Tweet

  • open the windows and doors on the spring sunny mornings not all them but just a few. Letting the spring fresh air in can invigorate the body to get you wanting to get up and do things.
  • Secondly is to get outside for few hours. I love putting my washing out on the line in spring it makes me want to get more housework done. Also forces me to actually go out later on for more wakening air to get it in again.
  • thirdly I always say if the kids are not about get the housework done. Even if the kids are try getting them helping especially if they are young. My son prefers nothing better than helping me.
  • My fourth is start planning what you want to get done now the weather on the up. Maybe get that garden looking more cosy and family friendly, decorate the lounge. Whatever it is get it on a to do list and start planning.
  • need to get fitter go gym or walk around the block for hour. I literally jog 85% of my way home from nursery everyday. It gives me a feeling of being pumped up and more able to focus and concentrate.
  • In at 6 just has to be swap the decor about a bit. Now spring is all but over ,ok not quite there but nearly, it is time to put away the snug blankets and thick duvet. Change the plugins and candles in the house to replicate the freshness of a spring day all day. This gets the mind thinking it time to get up and go.
  • lastly just has to be getting eating a healthy meal and maybe a not healthy glass of wine in the garden for tea. The kids will love it and so will you.
get motivated
getting out playing with kids is a great way for both of you to get out and enjoy the spring sun

There we are the time is here.

Time is here get that spring step back and jump-start the feeling of getting motivated. Get ready to enjoy the sunshine as the days get longer and the sun decides to shine a lot more. After that long winter of doom and gloom and it really was a long winter this year, it is time to see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel. Wake up, get up and enjoy what we have not been able to enjoy for a while.

I know I am ready taking my morning jogs again. Enjoying getting the housework all tip-top and seeing wildlife and flowers emerge once again.


What is the one thing you love most about spring?

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