5 ways to have more family time

Kids love to spend time with their parents but what can we do that will allow us more time with them?

If you are like me you are a busy mum and work at home, have a million things to do. Yet you still need to entertain a toddler in the school holidays which are in plentiful. We all wish we had more time to enjoy the children growing up right?

Time with the children yet still getting life tasks done will be a dream come true. So let me share my 5 ways now below:

family time
there are a few ways you can get more family time

Well here are my 5 ways you can have a good work life balance.


  • block child time out: Schedule out your time make a set time of day where you say it is my childs time. I make sure even though I am working at home 7 days a week my son gets 1 hour every 3-4 hours in a day. This allows me to get a break and also I can still get my everyday tasks done. In that hour it is all about my son. We may go for a walk, play in garden, play indoors, watch a movie something non work related.
  • integrate them into daily tasks: Ok some days you just need to get a million things done. Why not do what I do on a Saturday and get them helping you. If you got post that needs posting take them to post it. Got a kitchen need cleaning (now my son loves this) give them a cloth and spray the cupboards etc and let them clean. They will love feeling like they are helping whilst getting your attention.
  • plan your time: get a calendar and mark out every task that has to be done that day and block out school runs and errands. Most importantly block out family time. I cut away from work related stuff from 5-8 when we have tea, get son bathed and bed and settled. This is time to show him I am not all about my work.
  • let your child plan one day a month: This may seem scary but letting a child decide once a month or every so often what to do will make loads of fun. Why because your child feels needed and appreciated all whilst you will learn about how they are developing. Kids change all the time right and like their likes and dislikes they seem to change a lot.
  • lastly has to be productive not busy. This is a saying I love we all do things that make life busy but will doing that truly make life easier? If like me I am sure you make a list of to do’s for the day and then when look back you realise actually I have not spent much time doing stuff that makes a difference. Also means I have not spent much time with my son all day. So look at everything on your to do list and see if doing that will free up time in the long run to have with the family.
family time
5 ways you can never miss a moment of your child growing up

So what can we all learn from this?

Well quite a lot to be honest. I learnt that in my day I could actually give my son more us time even though I have a million things to do. Everyday is a precious day they grow up so fast and we miss out if we get over busy rather then productive.

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what is your number one tip on getting more family time? drop me a comment below.


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