valentines day

5 quotes to share this valentines day

If you are like me you love a good quote. Now with valentines day soon upon us how can we express our love in a unique way?

Well you can share one of these quotes and let the one you love be the one who knows they’re loved. Add the quote to a card or on the note in their flowers. Leave it by the bed. wherever it is let them know they are your number one.

  1. your eyes are the sweetest stars I have ever seen -Moulin Rouge –
valentines day
add to a bunch of flowers this valentines Day

2) Of all the fish in the sea you are my Nemo

valentines day quotes
add to a valentines day card this valentines day

3) I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you forever

valentines day quotes
place on a piece of red card at breakfast time so they see it.

Want  some unique ways to share a special valentines day message this year?

Well don’t worry above you will find 3 quotes and 3 ways to share them but I will share some more unique ways below.

  • Put a love letter with a quote on and put it in your partners lunchbox for work.
  • write a message to show you love them and stick it on the bathroom mirror for them to see in the morning
  • send a message of love direct to their phone when they are at work
  • lastly why not just say it to their face.

So there we have it 3 amazing quotes to show your love this valentines day and 7 ways to share it.

What will you be telling your partner this valentines day and how?


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