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5 foods to help lose weight

The January resolution to lose weight is in full flow and I am sure you are keeping it up. Yet are you eating foods that actually keep you full on your journey?


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Well this is the post to be reading. One of the biggest challenges when people lose weight is preventing themselves snacking between meals. I will say there is no magic potions to losing weight fast, but having fibre, protein or plant-based fats will leave you fuller. This means less snacking. Better weight loss long-term.

all good right?

of course it is. Being on a diet doesn’t have to be costly you can see here how to lose weight on a budget. More over it does not have to be boring either. Allowing you to keep up the good work longer.

diet and save money
dieting doesn’t have to be boring

Here are just 5 foods that can help you feel fuller longer and help you lose weight too:

  • potatoes – Yes many people think because potatoes have high glycemic index they will cause weight gain and cravings. It has been found that because they may contain complex starch molecules that our bodies can’t digest means we feel fuller longer. Try this recipe southern style chicken with potato salad
potato recipes
there are many ways to make potatoes more appealing
  • Apples and pears – These healthy juicy and tasty fruits are packed not just with antioxidants. They are also packed with  4-5 grams of appetite suppressing fibre. try this recipe: french apple tart


  • almonds – This is the ultimate in satisfying those food cravings between meals. It is said snacking on these in the day can put those hunger pangs at bay longer.


  • Lemon –  these may seem like they never would fill you up but you can use this digestive aids in so many way. From adding to water to using as a dressing on food.  Try this recipe: lemon chicken with walnut mayo

    lemon water
    adding lemon to water can be one way to have lemons


  • lastly is raspberries – I know if like me these never seem to fill you. Yet it not about that these slow the cravings by tasting more satisfying and moreish. They are naturally low in sugar and high in fibre meaning fuller and less snacking. Try this recipe: lemon thyme custard with raspberries


So there is just 5 foods that can help you feel fuller longer. Meaning you will snack less, fewer calories in more using what you already have to get energy. You can’t beat the fact food doesn’t have to be boring or feel you are missing those treats. I have provided some recipes above too from Tom Kerridge. He shows how food can be healthy and tasty whilst he lost over 6 stone in a few years using these recipes.

If you wonder where to get his amazing cookbook of recipes that even include chocolate desserts. Click the link below and buy one of the many choices he has got.

tom kerridge recipe books on Amazon


What is the biggest weight loss struggle let me know below?


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