2018 Xmas here I come!!! here how

So as a serial savvy saver I am a huge fan of the sales and boxing day is here. That means one thing after entering any competitions for the day and checking notifications and lastly the emails, HIT THE SHOPS.

So up my son and I get and we know exactly what we are looking for. A real bargain. 9:30am is here and I can’t get out the door quick enough with coupons in hand and a plan of who I will start buying next years Xmas presents for. I won’t just buy any bargain though I have a plan.


I know the basics of my savvy Xmas shop for 2018. I know everyone I want to buy for next year and my budget before the discounts. Yes my aim is to get what I would pay for before a discount as cheap as possible. Also I know the maximum I am prepared to pay for a present on each person. OK I am  seeming a bit overly organised and obsessed but it is my best way to not buy unnecessary purchases.

Hitting the shops and knowing the sales is my first step but I can say one thing I will not spend much on Boxing day sales. WHY you probably thinking would I be desperate to hit the shops yet only browse really. Well the answer is this I want to see how much stock shops have left and what prices they currently dropped to. Only then will I buy but only if A i have it as a Xmas present or birthday present idea for next year, B they are a good price and C there are hardly any left on shelf. Else it can wait till January when the kids are back and it be at it’s cheapest.

I am also making conversations with staff and seeing sneakily how much stock they have to shift. I wanna know if it worth coming back later or getting now.

So my tips to you to get bargains and well prepared for 2018 presents is this:

  • browse sales and only ever buy is discounted. I never pay full price.
  • get to know staff they will tell you more than they realize. ( I actually spoke to a women today and said oh you look like you got a task discounting all that? she was individually reducing every item on a shelf. she replied Yes but I got loads more out back to get out and do too as well as this whole aisle. I replied bet you be glad when over? she replied yes.) Simply put she didn’t realize but she just informed me they have loads out back meaning it only going to get reduced next week as we hit January. Shops want money not returning stock.
  • If you can find a coupon for somewhere or something on top the reduced price use it. Why not save even more money.
  • If want to take to extreme go online boxing day morning and plan what and where you will go.
  • most important have a plan. Don’t be sucked in on a good deal. Ask self-will i buy this normally for someone on my list? will they use or want it themselves? Is it more than 25% preferably 50% off? yes then buy if no  to any the questions then don’t get it why get products if they aren’t value for money or a true BARGAIN.


Love to hear what bargains you got in the sales and any tips you have for others that work for you in getting a good deal.



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