• storybook review
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    a book to help children with life experiences

    I would like to welcome Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack here to me my blog and you. These 2 beautiful children are in my latest story book review aimed at young children. Everyday young children encounter so many daunting and big life changing experiences. Yet how they cope with the situation is usually down to how us adults explain what will happen. It could be their first day at nursery, school or even first day at a club. so what is the book about? Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack are 2 beautiful children about to go join gymnastics for the first time. Yet they are so scared everything looks big,…

  • resin necklace review
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    Otomo resin necklace review

    otomo resin necklaces are designed with uniqueness and simplicity in mind. Who are Otomo? Otomo is a beautiful online family run boutique offering some amazingly designed products from all over the world. Their ultimate passion is to bring you the best products from every corner of the planet. They certainly do meet this standard of high quality and unique jewellery. I want to share my thoughts on one of the many resin necklaces they offer. Otomo resin necklaces are made of a natural wood shape (mine is domino shaped) with a coloured resin splitting the wood apart. The thing with the simply made necklace is that it is a great…

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    the plastic overloading

    We all use plastic excessively I am sure I am not alone on this. From the everyday bottle of water to the single use carrier bags (which are soon to be gone I am sure). But what is it doing to our planet? I am not here to say ohhhh plastic is bad far from it. I am just saying why don’t we look at what we are doing to our planet from using so much. what is happening really then? Well ok there are places where one container that is plastic is used endless amount of times to transport various stuff. This is not what is causing pollution in…

  • chinese new year
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    happy chinese new year

    The important festival of the Chinese New Year is starting today. Also known as the spring festival Chinese New Year 2018 is celebrating the year of the dog. Bet you didn’t know there are a few traditions behind the celebration. We are all aware of the many myths and legends associated with various traditions. I just want to share a few of them here along with some interesting superstitions they also believe in. What are the myths? We all wonder why is the Chinese new year celebrated? Why do they use red decorations? what is with the malt candy? Well don’t worry I am sure we are about to find…

  • vegan backlash
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    The anti-vegan backlash is here

    As you may all have seen I sure that February has been a big time in expressing about veganism. With social media filling daily with the #plantbased diet that shows off everything vegan based. Looking at it you would have believed the world had gone mad. You would have believed we had all given up anything dairy. The trend has not come about because it is trendy so everyone is following, it is because of how things have changed. Now animal cruelty and animal testing is not glossed over. People want to know that the food they eating or the products they are using is from a caring loving place.…

  • valentines deals in one place
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    Valentines day what meal deals are on offer?

    We are just 2 days away from a day that is huge in the supermarket calendar. Valentines day this year we are set to spend a staggering £1 billion yes billion on gifts and going out. With a 10% increase in sales set to happen what are the supermarkets offering in their meal deals to entice us? Look here and I be sharing with you what is on offer and where this year.  I will cover all the big supermarkets for you to compare below: Lets begin: Tesco: This year Tesco is offering a great package deal it includes 2 sides, 2 mains, 1 bottle of wine or box of…

  • valentines day
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    gifts for him and her this valentines day

    Valentines day is soon upon us and if you are thinking what do I buy? Well don’t worry I will cover it here for you top 5 his and her valentines day gifts. From health related items to a unique twist on a romantic item. There is something here for all this valentines day. lets jump in there then and get that special man in your life sorted: 2 hearts become 1 The 2 Hearts symbolise 2 people entwined in a profound lasting love, one completing the other. Who exactly the hearts represent depends entirely on who it’s destined for. Husband and wife? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Husband and husband? Mom…

  • January round-up
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    January round up

    Wow where has January gone? It has flow by and we are already into the middle of February. As you know so much has changed and so much has gone on with my blog and social media. But are you ready for even more? More reviews, more budget saving tips, more self-help guides and posts, more weight loss help. More then anything though more amazing content for you. Here is a round-up of Januarys hottest posts. save money and lose weight – so many people would love to lose a few pounds maybe more, but it can cost so much or does it? See how some simple tips can mean…

  • valentines day
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    5 quotes to share this valentines day

    If you are like me you love a good quote. Now with valentines day soon upon us how can we express our love in a unique way? Well you can share one of these quotes and let the one you love be the one who knows they’re loved. Add the quote to a card or on the note in their flowers. Leave it by the bed. wherever it is let them know they are your number one. your eyes are the sweetest stars I have ever seen -Moulin Rouge – 2) Of all the fish in the sea you are my Nemo 3) I loved you yesterday, I love you…

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    date night ideas on a budget

    It so important for couples to have some time just the two of them. Even if you have kids, no babysitter, low budget or even both. There is no excuses not to have some couple time.  But even if you are single you must make you time too. With prices rising and busier lives there has to be another way surely to get that special time. Below I have set out 5 ideas to reignite or even to just keep that spark there. This is even more perfect for couples with families as there is no babysitter needed. Extra money saved too. What is my top 5 ways to have…